Dean Fikar / Shutterstock

Hungry Bear Tries Breaking in to Doughnut Delivery Car in Colorado

Not many can resist the allure of doughnuts, not even a black bear

Dean Fikar / Shutterstock

The vehicle the bear was attracted to was used to make local doughnut deliveries in Colorado.

Todd and Kim Robertson, owners of the Moose Watch Café in Steamboat, Colorado, woke up one morning to find the bumper of their doughnut delivery car ripped off. If it weren’t for the paw prints and claw marks, the Robertsons may have thought it was a robber with a sweet tooth; instead, they suspect it was a black bear.

According to the couple, there were no doughnuts in the vehicle at the time, but they say the smell of sweet doughnuts is extremely strong and no doubt attracted the animal, Steamboat Today reported.

"It always reeks of doughnuts in there," Kim Robertson said.

Responding police officer John McCartin confirmed that even he could smell the dessert in proximity to the delivery car.

“I guess if anyone is an expert about this, it's us,” McCartin said jokingly.


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