Homaro Cantu of Chicago’s Michelin-Starred Moto Announces Berrista, a Coffee Shop Dedicated to the Mysterious Miracle Berry

Berrista, featuring the elusive miracle berry, opens Friday, December 12

Berrista will feature the "curious jellybean-shaped fruit called the Miracle Berry"

Molecular gastronomy chef Homaro Cantu, of Chicago’s Michelin-rated Moto restaurant, has announced the newest project to join the Cantu Restaurant Group.

Opening Friday, December 12, Berrista is an innovative coffee shop that will highlight the strange effects of the miracle berry, a small red fruit that can render unexpected flavors from your food.

At so-called “flavor tripping” parties, miracle berries have been found to make Tabasco sauce taste like doughnut glaze.

Chef Cantu is the author of The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook, which invites people to trick their taste buds and cut down on sugar consumption at the same time.


“Berrista is changing the face of coffee and sugar,” said Cantu. “It is built upon a curious jellybean-shaped fruit called the Miracle Berry, which is able to change sour and bitter flavors to taste sweet. Expect items like a tasty blueberry turnover, a raspberry coffee cake, and a chicken and waffle sandwich with sugar-free maple syrup. Our belief for Berrista is to give customers the flavors they crave, but to do so in a way that's healthier for them. Flavor is always in season — we invite you to enjoy your vices.”