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Google’s New Lens Will Let You Search Restaurants by Pointing Your Phone at Them

The announcement was made at Google’s annual I/O developer conference

On Wednesday, May 17, Google announced the launch of its newest feature, Google Lens, which allows users to search a restaurant by simply pointing a phone camera at it.

In a keynote by Google chief executive officer Sundar Pichai, he explained that the feature uses photo-recognition to dip into the company’s data and provide additional information on the object the camera is pointing at, Grub Street reported. When the feature is used with restaurants, Google Lens automatically populates information, such as the restaurant rating, price range, and more.

The feature isn’t just for restaurants — Pichai said Google Lens can be used to find information on almost any object. Point your camera at a flower, for instance, and Lens can identify the species.

In December 2016, Google also launched a feature that allows people to tweet an emoji at the company and get recommendations on anything from restaurants to gyms. To read more about Google’s emoji feature, click here.

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