Get Ready: The Next Oreo Flavor Could Be Brownie Batter

There's a new Oreo flavor on the horizon, and this one is for all of the chocolate lovers out there. The news isn't official, but it looks like a national release of brownie batter Oreos may be coming soon. The image of the mouthwatering new addition to the line of famous Nabisco cookies was leaked to The Impulsive Buy, so it's not official yet. The brownie batter Oreo looks to be a standard chocolate cookie with brownie batter-flavored crème.

We can't confirm its existence yet, and Oreo has a strict policy of holding off on confirming Oreo rumors before they are officially announced. There have been some false alarms out there (remember the fried chicken Oreo that turned out to be a hoax?), but brownie batter Oreos seem pretty legitimate — they were showcased at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago earlier this year. Other Oreo rumors we've seen come true include Reese's, cotton candy, and pumpkin spice-flavored Oreos for the fall season.

The Daily Meal will follow up with an official announcement if one is made.