This Food Delivery App Lets You Pay Other People To Pick Up Your Food

Forget food delivery guys on speeding bikes. This new food delivery app will put your lunch order in the hands of some guy in the neighborhood who was already on his way to pick up his own food. JoyRun, a California startup which just raised about $10 million prior to launch, turns the traditional food delivery paradigm on its head with a peer-to-peer food delivery service.

Here's how it works: You place your takeout order and the app matches you with a user known as a "runner," who tacks your order onto his or her own ticket and delivers it to your office or residence. The service basically combines the concept of an Uber Pool with the delicious convenience of food delivery. As for the fee, it can be waived if your friendly neighborhood runner is feeling generous, or you can just think of it as the nominal delivery fee and tip that you would usually pay to your local pizza guy.

JoyRun's CEO Manish Rathi said that a runner in a typical scenario will make about $10 per trip just by tacking a few additional orders (at $2 to $3 in fees each) onto his or her own, according to Tech Crunch.