Eleven Madison Park Becomes the Latest High-End Restaurant to Nix Tipping

Eleven Madison Park’s Daniel Humm joins fellow restaurateurs Danny Meyer and Tom Colicchio to get rid of tipping in 2016

New York City restaurants are banding together to fight for livable wages for their staff.

The tide is changing in the culinary community for servers and line chefs who fight for a living wage. The list of restaurants that have decided to nix gratuity is getting longer. Daniel Humm’s Eleven Madison Park is the latest iconic restaurant to join the ranks of non-tipping restaurants, and will implement the new policy in 2016, according to Eater.In recent months, Danny Meyer and Tom Colicchio have also announced intentions to eliminate tipping at many of their restaurants and raise wages for staffers.

Restaurant owners Humm and Will Guidara will raise prices at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant in order to accommodate the new policy. Lunch and dinner will now cost $295 per person, meaning that a table for two could cost up to $1,000 with wine and tax, further affirming its status as one of the most expensive restaurants in the world.

Humm has confirmed that he will not yet add a “no-tipping” policy to his other restaurants, including the Nomad, unlike Meyer, who implemented this policy across the board at Union Square Hospitality Group.


Guidara says that he plans to raise server wages by $2.50 and raise the wages of kitchen staffers by about $1 per hour, according to Fox News.