Dunkin’ Donuts Is Making a Breakfast Sandwich with Bacon-Stuffed Sausages

Dunkin’ will start testing out this meaty breakfast sandwich on September 28

Dunkin’s new breakfast sandwich looks like the smokehouse sausage sandwich they previously offered, but with bacon bits.

If one type of breakfast meat is not enough for you, take heart: you will soon be able to eat two-in-one in this new Dunkin’ Donuts sandwich.

Dunkin’ is working on creating a bacon-stuffed sausage sandwich with egg and American cheese on an English muffin, dubbed the Bacon Lover’s Sausage Breakfast Sandwich. The sausage is sliced and stuffed with bits of bacon.

Brand Eating reports that this meaty breakfast sandwich will be tested at an undisclosed locations starting on September 28.

Last month, just in time for the start of football season, Dunkin’ Donuts began featuring a special tailgating breakfast sandwich, consisting of eggs, Cheddar, sausage, peppers, ancho-chipotle sauce, and onions on a French roll. They dubbed it (what else?) the Tailgater Breakfast. 


So if you ever find yourself at Dunkin’ Donuts wondering whether you should order a breakfast sandwich with sausage or bacon, you can have the best of both worlds with this ultimate sandwich.