DiGiorno Gets Tech-Savvy With an Experiment That Shows Just How Much People Love Pizza

The company shows that pizza can make almost anyone happy

“Joy” was measured in the experiment through smiles and eye movements.

The food industry is no stranger to facial recognition technology — such systems have been used everywhere from San Francisco bars to a Beijing KFC to estimate the age, gender, and even mood of patrons. Now, frozen pizza brand DiGiorno has utilized facial recognition software in a social experiment to show that pizza really is America’s favorite food.

For the experiment, DiGiorno had people host three separate parties with friends and family in a loft in New York City, according to the press release. At each of the parties, more than 40 high-resolution cameras were installed to use facial recognition and emotion-tracking software to see how guests reacted to pizza at the party.

Results showed that at each of the parties, guests were the happiest when they smelled pizza while it was cooking, even more so than when it was being eaten. DiGiorno also found that the guest’s mood improved by 18 percent when the pizza went into the oven, by 20 percent when the pizza was taken out of the oven, by 11 percent when the host cut the pizza, and by 11 percent when guests had their first bite.



“This experiment gave us unique insight into our belief that oven-fresh pizza helps people get more out of their occasions,” Jeff Hamilton, president of the Nestlé Pizza & Snacking Division at Nestlé USA, said in a statement. “We were able to learn about how, when, and why moods may change in response to pizza in an exciting new way.”

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