Cotton Candy Oreos Are the Newest Product from the Oreo Rumor Mill

Are Cotton Candy Oreos the newest Nabisco product to hit shelves? Maybe, but Oreo won’t tell us

The photo looks pretty believable, but a cotton candy-flavored Oreo sounds too sweet to be true.

It started with Mint Oreos and Birthday Cake Oreos. Since then, Nabisco has run wild with all sorts of new cookie flavor innovations. Personally, our favorites are Cookie Dough Oreo and Red Velvet Oreo. But now it seems that the newest iteration of milk’s favorite cookie is cotton candy flavor: pink and blue cotton candy crème and a vanilla cookie. Sounds a bit too sweet for us, and a little too farfetched to be true (remember when the Fried Chicken Oreo turned out to be a hoax?)

The photos from the Instagram account CookieOMan look realistic enough and seem to have been taken in a shipping warehouse. However, the account that posted the photos has since been deleted.


The Daily Meal has contacted Oreo, but the company usually responds to the cookie rumor mill in the same cryptic manner every time a new flavor leak surfaces: “We’ve seen a number of made-up flavors leak online, but we’ve also seen actual flavors leak too,” reassuring us that they will come forward when a real flavor is released.