Cinnamon Toast Crunch Made Doughnut Holes and They Look Amazing

Cereal takes its latest form as microwaveable doughnut holes

The new snacks only take 30 seconds to prepare.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, one of General Mills’ many childhood-favorite cereals, is now for the first time the inspiration for a non-cereal snack: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bites.

“Cinnamon Toast Crunch is now available in a warm, delicious snack,” General Mills announced along with other new products for the summer, including its French-style yogurt Oui by Yoplait. “Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bites are available in your grocer's freezer section and are ready from the microwave in just 30 seconds.”

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bites are cinnamon sugar-covered doughnut holes with a cinnamon filling on the inside, similar to Taco Bell’s Cinnabon Delights.

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Aside from cereal-inspired doughnut holes, the breakfast food has also made its way to milkshakes at Burger King with its latest Froot Loops and Lucky Charms shakes.


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