Check Out the World’s Longest Pizza!

Milan set the new record for the world’s longest pizza, which is over one mile long

The world's longest pizza record has been broken in Milan and took 18 hours to make.

More than 60 Italian pizza makers gathered in Milan to break the world record for the longest pizza on June 20 at the Expo 2015 world fair, according to The Associated Press.

Guinness World Records judges measured the pizza out to be one 1.59545 kilometers, which is over a mile long. Italian pizza makers used one-and-a-half tons of mozzarella and two tons of tomato sauce, weighing in at a whopping five tons.

The entire pizza took 18 hours to complete and Expo attendees got to add their own toppings and eat slices of the pizza for free. Other notable record-breaking foods we’ve reported on in the past were the world’s spiciest pizza in the United Kingdom, the world’s largest nachos, in Kansas, and the world’s largest cappuccino, which was brewed in Croatia.


The pizza in Milan overtook the previous longest pizza record, which was set in Spain. This Spanish pizza was 1.1415 kilometers.