World's Largest Cappuccino Sets Guinness Record

A coffee shop in Croatia made the 440-gallon cup for fans
The world's largest cappucino weighs in at 440 gallons.

Youtube/ NDETV

Youtube/ NDETV

Baristas everywhere are marveling at the world's largest cappuccino, made this week in Croatia. 

The Huffington Post and the Austrian Times report that the operation began with an Austrian coffee chain, Julius Meinl. It took 1,000 baristas and 22 coffee machines to create the giant cup in the Zagreb main square.

(We want to know: where do you find such a large mug?) And lest you think it's not a quality cup of joe, the shop's manager, Marko Crnogorac, assured the world it was a traditional cappuccino: one part espresso, one part warm milk, and one part foam.

Said Crnogorac to several news outlets, it's a tribute to the hardworking baristas every day. "In total there are about 1,000 baristas here. A thousand people, really, who do this job every day, who make cappuccinos every single day, and they are certainly good at this... So each and every cappuccino here is made exactly how it should be." 

The previous record-holder was only about 330 gallons, compared to the 440-gallon cappuccino made this week. 

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