Campbell’s Joins Growing List of Food Brands Pledging to Help the Environment

Campbell’s is collaborating with the Environmental Defense Fund to help improve water quality and reduce greenhouse gasses

Can Campbell’s help reduce the harmful impacts we’ve inflicted on our environment? 

Campbell’s and its subsidiary, Pepperidge Farm, have announced a collaboration with the Environmental Defense Fund and have pledged to help improve water quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing fertilizer use, reducing pesticide usage, and conserving soil. To achieve these goals, the company will work with United Suppliers, a cooperative of locally owned and controlled agricultural retailers on their Sustain platform, which develops sustainable agricultural practices across the country.

“Meeting the challenge of feeding a growing population will require increased crop yields while reducing the environmental impacts of crop production,” said David Festa, EDF vice president, ecosystems in a statement. “The good news is that there are tools and programs available to help farmers optimize their fertilizer use. Campbell’s commitment will help bring these resources directly to farmers on the ground and make fertilizer optimization the norm.”


Campbell’s is certainly not the first company to go green(er): Ben & Jerry’s just released a new “Save Our Swirled” ice cream flavor that is supposed to raise awareness about anti-global warming efforts, and Yum Brands (Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell) pledged to help stop deforestation.