A Café Dedicated to Marshmallows Is Opening Soon

The gourmet marshmallow retailer XO Marshmallow is opening its first fast-casual shop in Chicago

Sounds like a whole lot of fluff.

We have entire shops dedicated to rice pudding and insane milkshakes, so why not marshmallows? XO Marshmallow — the online retailer of all things sweet and fluffy — is opening its first-ever fast-casual café in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood this June. After surpassing their two fundraising goals — the latest of which raised $6,500 on Kickstarter — the marshmallow-themed café will soon be a reality.

“XO Marshmallow will be Chicago’s first and only marshmallow café and we are proud to announce we reached our crowdfunding goal and will be delivering on our promises,” the co-owners said in a press statement. “Our offerings will be expanding from just marshmallows and mars’halos to s’mores, crispy treats, whoopie pies, toasted marshmallow lattes, to name a few.”

From uniquely flavored marshmallows like lavender honey and green tea to whimsical treats like decadent s’mores, Rice Krispie treats, mallow pops, and — of course — an offering called “Pretty Pink Unicorn Hot Chocolate,” millennial owners Kathryn Connor and Lindzi Shanks promise a “marshmallow wonderland” to customers.

XO Marshmallow

The café will also have a homemade espresso bar (for marshmallow dipping purposes, of course) and an attached retail shop where they’ll sell boxes of gourmet marshmallows, homemade caramel sauce, hot cocoa mixes, and packaged coffee. Is your sweet tooth aching yet?


XO Marshmallow’s flavor roster includes the brand-new Nutella-stuffed mallows, along with their signature salted caramel and boozy creations like bourbon, Champagne, and Kahlúa.