Rice to Riches


With its sassy phrases—”No skinny bitches!!!” and “Anything worth eating is worth over-eating”—plastered on the windows and inside the shop, Rice to Riches is unique not only for its specialty all-rice-pudding menu but its fun, laid back, food-centric atmosphere.

This funky NoLita eatery puts spins on classics such as “Sex Drugs and Rocky Road” and “Coconut Coma.” Plus, at any given time, Rice to Riches has at least a dozen different pudding flavors and a dozen different toppings to match, from the Flourish (toasted pound cake) to the Heartthrob (homemade raspberry jelly).

Photo by Becky Hughes

One of the most popular items, the Hazelnut Chocolate Bear Hug – a combination of chocolate and hazelnut – is like a happy mixture of nutty Nutella and rich rice pudding. Another hit is the Chocolate Chip Flirt – classic rice pudding laced with tiny chocolate chips.

Sizes come in from the smallest, the Diva (which serves 1), to the largest, the Moby (which serves 10). The proportions are large, as even the Solo, which holds 8oz and is supposed to serve 1, can easily serve 2-3 with the amount of pudding in the bowl. That said, don’t be afraid to bring friends for sharing (or just come extra hungry.)

Photo by Becky Hughes

Rice to Riches offers local delivery as well as domestic shipping, where you can pay to overnight ship a Sumo container of rice pudding anywhere in the country. So after you’ve raved about the puddings to your friends and family, you can send them a taste via the electronic kiosk in the store.

Location: 37 Spring St (bet Mott and Mulberry St)
Hours of Operation: Mon-Thurs: 11am to 11pm, Fri-Sat: 11am to 1am, Sun: 11am to 11pm


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