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You Can Buy a Banana Phone to Help Save the Gorillas in the Congo

This new device might give Apple a run for its money

Shutterstock / Hanna_photo

The money donated through Banana Phone purchases will help provide funding for equipment to help save gorillas.

There’s a new kind of banana on the market, but it’s not the kind you can eat — Banana Phone is a wireless handset that gives you a break from your average smartphone so you can have a little more fun when talking to your friends and family on the phone.

Banana Phone connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and is compatible with iOS and Androids, according to the Indiegogo page. With the device you can receive calls and make them through voice activations using Siri or Google Assistant.

But Banana Phone isn’t just a funky new gadget — one percent of sales from the campaign are going to the nonprofit organization, Gearing Up for Gorillas, which aids in the conservation of rare mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park in the Congo.

Banana Phone packs range from $40 to $1,500 including stickers, t-shirts, and more.


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