Burger King Security Guard Kicks Out a Gay Couple; See What Happened Next

Protestors held their own “kiss-in” at a Spanish Burger King after a gay couple was kicked out for kissing

The reaction of this Burger King security guard is surprising, given the pro-LGBT ad campaign that ran earlier this year.

The LGBT community was not happy when they heard about an incident at a Burger King in Spain in which a gay couple was essentially forced to leave by the security guard for kissing, after other patrons complained. In response, dozens of same-sex couples stormed the Burger King in Plaza de los Cubos in Madrid and held a kiss-in a week later on November 30, where they proceeded to lock lips in the name of social justice.

When the original incident happened, the gay couple had been kissing in the restaurant, which then prompted complaints from other diners, who said it set a “bad example for their children.” According to El Pais, however, the couple was urged by other diners to stay, but they ended up leaving because they did not want any trouble.

Burger King has admitted that the incident has happened, according to Mic, but they have insisted that the allegedly homophobic  incident was due to “the security guard had acting on his own initiative,” and was not representative of their company policies: "[it was] an isolated incident and is not reflective of Burger King Corporation's long history of dedication to diversity and inclusion, which includes policies and benefits that support LGBT employees," a Burger King representative told Mic in an email.

Earlier this year, Spain was named by PEW Research Center as the most LGBT-friendly country in the world. In America earlier this year, Burger King released a limited-edition rainbow pride burger for Gay Pride Week in San Francisco.


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