A Bunch of Adorable Kids Interviewed David Chang About Being a Chef

As part of the Edible Schoolyard project, David Chang spoke with kids from P.S. 216 in Brooklyn about cooking
A Bunch of Adorable Kids Interviewed David Chang About Being a Chef

Adorable kids plus one of New York’s favorite chefs make for a very entertaining video.

The Edible Schoolyard Project is all about putting culinary and nutrition education in the classroom, and what better way to do that than to have a bunch of cute kids answer questions about what it means to be a chef and interview Momofuku’s David Chang about his profession? Yahoo! Food set up the kids from P.S. 216 in Brooklyn, one of the participating Edible Schoolyard schools, with David Chang, and they were predictably candid.

In the video, when the kids were asked for the definition of a master chef, one young perfectionist said, “a master chef is a chef that never makes mistakes,” while another posited that chefs “have to write books and books and books about different foods.”

The kids were pretty hesitant to decide if they’d want to be chefs when they grew up, although one confidently named his future restaurant Jayden’s Burgers and Shakes.

When it was Chang’s turn to be interviewed, he was asked for advice for young chefs, and said “you need to cook a lot of different things first.” One pretentious youngster asked if Chang knows “most of the recipes,” to which he honestly said that he does not.

“I think Edible Schoolyard is amazing for these kids because they are exposed to some of the most diverse fruits and vegetables as part of the curriculum,” said Chang in the video. “Teaching kids how to grow food and where it comes from is absolutely vital to their education.”

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