Boston Market Introduces Crispy Chicken That Isn’t Fried

Oven Crisp Chicken is available as a meal with two sides, a salad bowl, a sandwich, and a wrap

Chicken is seasoned, hand-breaded with panko crumbs, and baked.

Boston Market introduces Oven Crisp Chicken to its menu, adding a crispy, crunchy chicken to its menu without using a deep fryer.

It is described as “boneless, all white chicken breast, seasoned and hand breaded with panko crumbs and baked for a crisp, golden crust.” Oven Crisp Chicken is available as a meal with two sides and cornbread, a salad bowl, a sandwich, or a wrap. The meal costs $7.99, and Oven Crisp Chicken is available nationwide.

“We developed this recipe for our guests who love the crispiness of fried chicken but are trying to stay away from fried foods,” said Boston Market CEO George Michel. “We added crunch to our chicken without bringing a single oil fryer into our restaurants, and I’m really proud of that. The wholesome integrity of our menu remains firm.”

Michel tells The Daily Meal that the new menu item was in development for two years, and that the company is testing out new rotisserie items for the future.


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