B&H Dairy Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Reopen After East Village Explosion

Pommes Frites launched an Indiegogo campaign to reopen a new location after the East Village gas explosion, and now B&H Dairy is doing the same.

B&H has taken to YouCaring to create a donation page so they can reopen shop. The 70-year-old restaurant at Seventh Street and St. Marks Place closed after a gas explosion destroyed three buildings on Seventh Street and Second Avenue.

The fire destroyed half of the block between Second Avenue and St. Mark's Place. B&H was forced to close due to previously unforeseen upgrades needed: new exhaust venting in the roof and a fire suppression system. Both upgrades would cost nearly $30,000.

B&H had a crowdfunding campaign back in April that raised $26,505 to pay for their fixed costs and employees. But now need help paying for the ventilation and fire suppression, as well as rent, utilities, a new gas line, food for the kitchen, and unpaid wages for B&H employees.

The restaurant is aiming to reopen sometime in August.