Are Sangria-Flavored KIND Bars on the Horizon?

Or maybe spiced fig or sesame seaweed is more your type

Every food brand is trying to discover the new “It” flavor

Every food brand is trying to discover the new “it” flavor, but this dogged pursuit often results in bizarre mash ups like Peeps-flavored Oreos or Korean barbecue potato chips.

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KIND, an industry leader in “better-for-you” snacks, is an expert at pumping out flavors for its nutrition bars, from the subtle “Almonds and Apricots” to the more adventurous “Thai Sweet Chili” and “Chipotle Honey Mustard.” The foundations of these bars are similar — nuts, seeds, and a sweet syrup binder — which has made them popular among consumers of all ages and palates.

But KIND believes the need for new flavors is a genuine physiological desire in their customers. In a new commercial featuring Daphne Oz, the company cites a fictitious condition called “Restless Palate Syndrome,” in which a person’s desire for novel flavors is so overwhelming as to occasionally spur inappropriate behavior.  In order to address this ever-evolving desire for tantalizing tastes, the KIND brand has taken the next step in its flavor mash-up madness — by letting its customers decide what wacky flavor they want for the newest KIND Bar.


From May 9 to May 31, KIND fans can vote for one of four new potential flavors: Sangria, Spiced Fig, Sweet Pretzel Crunch, and Sesame Seaweed. KIND will make a limited batch of the winning flavor to ship out to voters later in the summer. And who knows, depending on its popularity, the winner might even hit shelves. A link to the contest is available here.