America’s Most Popular Pastry Chef Has Created an Apple Pie Corn Dog

‘Cronut King’ Dominque Ansel has partnered with Jeremiah Stone and Fabian Von Hauske to invent this unusual dessert

It sounds bizarre, but given Ansel’s pastry expertise, can’t we just trust him on this one?

Dominique Ansel — best-known for crafting the viral “cronut” that still inspires long lines — is no stranger to making quirky desserts like the sweet corn ice cream tacos released last summer. His latest creative dish is the apple pie corn dog, a mashup that’s the result of a collaboration with Jeremiah Stone and Fabian Von Hauske (both of New York City’s Contra and Wildair).

The apple pie corn dog is made to order with roasted parsnip ice cream and a caramelized Gala apple at the center. If that’s not fancy enough for you, here’s the breakdown of ingredients inside this gussied-up all-American combo: The “dog is “surrounded by a soft almond biscuit and cornmeal batter on the outside, finished with a drizzle of homemade apple cider caramel and topped with crispy potato chip feuilletine.” The entire thing is washed down with a warm Quince Apple Cider to make the bitter winter days seem just a little bit more bearable.


If you want to try this in person, you’ll have to be fast: The apple pie corn dog is only available at Dominique Ansel Kitchen from  Jan. 14 to 16.