Adding a little bit of dessert to a classic street food.

Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Dominique Ansel Is Serving Sweet Corn Ice Cream Tacos as His Next Dessert Invention

Dominique Ansel Kitchen in the West Village is teaming up with Empellón for a unique twist on the ice cream taco

Dominique Ansel, the pastry chef extraordinaire who brought you viral desserts like the cronut and cookie shot glass, has released his latest, limited-edition creation: the sweet corn ice cream taco.

Made in collaboration with Empellón Taqueria’s Alex Stupak, the savory/sweet mashup will be sold at Dominique Ansel Kitchen this weekend only starting at noon each day until it is sold out.

The sweet corn ice cream taco consists of a masa waffle cone “taco shell” filled with Ansel’s famous homemade sweet corn ice cream with a swirl of roasted corn caramel. The taco is garnished with a lime zest and sea salt rim, and served with a lime wedge and salsa verde (made with avocado, tomatillos, smokey pasilla chiles, lime, and agave) on the side.

The tacos will cost about $6 each and will likely attract a giant line down the block, so if you want to guarantee walking away with ice cream tacos, you should probably get there before noon.

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