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43 Percent of Americans Remedy a Breakup With Soup, Survey Says

After a breakup, some people turn to chocolate and others to soup

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Nearly three-fourths of respondents use chicken noodle soup for comfort when they have a cold, according to the survey.

Spring isn’t just a time for cleaning the house — many choose to rethink their relationships during the first warm months as well, meaning breakup season is at its peak. It’s natural to turn to friends and family for comfort after a relationship ends, but according to a recent survey conducted by Campbell Soup Company, 43 percent of Americans turn to soup as a remedy for breakup blues.

During National Soup Month in January, Campbell’s conducted a survey asking 2,000 Americans about how they enjoy their soup.

Aside from finding out that nearly half of those surveyed find post-breakup comfort in a warm bowl of soup, the company also discovered that 23 percent of Americans turn to soup when binge-watching Netflix.

If you decide to hit the town with your friends after a breakup and indulge in one too many drinks, the next day may be more than unpleasant. According to the survey, 11 percent of Americans said they have eaten soup after a Saturday night out because they’re hungover. The trend was stronger among millennials — 21 percent said they used soup to recover.


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