1 Scoop for Bernie: Ben & Jerry Announce Endorsement of Sanders for 2016

Ben & Jerry’s founders have announced their backing of leftist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

Wikimedia Commons/ Ben & Jerry's 

We can only hope for a Bernie Sanders-themed ice cream in our future. More ice cream is good news for everyone.

Ben & Jerry’s is a company that has previously had no qualms expressing their adamant political opinions, whether they do so by releasing a pro-gay marriage limited-edition ice cream or issuing a call for action against the effects of global warming.Most recently, Ben & Jerry’s founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (separate from the company) announced their official endorsement of 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, simultaneously calling to reverse the Citizens United decision, which paved the way for practically limitless Super PAC funds.

Although the ice cream kings’ support of Bernie is now official, the political endorsement comes as no great surprise. After all, when Sanders announced his bid for president earlier this spring, Ben & Jerry’s provided free treats at the resulting political rally.

At the time, co-founder Ben Cohen even said that if he were to make a Bernie Sanders ice cream flavor, it would be called Bernie's Rebellion and would contain ingredients like chocolate chips molded into the shape of graduation caps and an equal number of peanuts to pecans to emphasize Bernie’s stance on equality, according to Business Insider.


“Ben and I have each given Bernie a thousand dollars and we have spent probably $500 each on purchasing ice cream that has been used as a donation to the campaign,” Jerry Greenfield said recently in a statement.We still have some capacity to purchase more ice cream as we get more money.” Both ice cream innovators have insisted that their relatively small donations were completely aboveboard.