The ‘World’s Strongest Coffee’ is Now Available in the States

The coffee company says it ensured the veracity of its claim by testing its caffeine content alongside other competing brands

The company sourced Robusta beans with the highest caffeine content for its product.

A South Africa-based coffee company, Black Insomnia Coffee, has staked its claim for the title of the “world’s strongest coffee.” This week, the company made its global debut by expanding distribution of its heavily caffeinated product through Amazon.

Black Insomnia boasts 702 milligrams of caffeine for each 12 ounces of its coffee — reaching “dangerous” caffeine levels twice the amount recommended for an average adult, according to Caffeine Informer.

Through independent lab tests at SGS, a company specializing in the verification of company claims, Black Insomnia found that its coffee has 6.35 percent more caffeine than Death Wish Coffee, the former title-holder for the world’s strongest coffee.

Although Black Insomnia holds the title for now, the company says that nine different brands on Amazon have the same claim, Grub Street reported. Just last year, Viscous Coffee in Adelaide, Australia, claimed it’s “A** Kicker” coffee had half the lethal dose of caffeine with 50 times more than a regular cup of coffee.


In addition to its expansion on Amazon, Black Insomnia Coffee also offers the product on its website for $16 to $38.