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UK Pub Gives 100-Year-Old Customer Free Beer for Life

The regular visits the pub every day for a pint of beer

Shutterstock / Natalya Okorokova

Canny says that Johnson isn’t just a customer, he’s a drinking buddy and good friend.

One lucky man in the United Kingdom has received one of the greatest gifts of all: free beer for life.

Arthur Johnson, also known as “Bunny,” is a regular at The Bowling Green in Lichfield who visits the pub to drink a pint of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord every day, Mirror reported. Around eight years ago, the pub landlord, Mark Canny, promised Johnson free beer for life for his 100th birthday, and the regular made sure he kept his word.

“Free beers for life. That’s the deal,” Johnson told Mirror. “I started drinking at The Bowling Green for the beer. I always have a Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. It is usually a pint a day but then quite often it’s a double!”

According to Johnson, he credits his longevity to only drinking cask ale and eating fresh food.

“I don’t know what the key is but all I can say is, I’ve never eaten fast food and I don’t worry,” he said.


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