Truck Carrying 90,000 Beer Bottles Crashes Near Highway 101

A semi-trailer truck carrying 90,000 empty beer bottles crashed on eastbound State Route 299, disrupting a delivery to Mad River Brewery in Blue Lake, California.

Initial reports indicate that the driver entered the turn too quickly, thereby overturning the vehicle.

"All we know is basically, we got a call this morning that our glass wasn't going to make it," brewery accounting supervisor Lori Altman told the Times Standard. Bottling for Mad River Brewery is not expected to be delayed by the accident.

The driver suffered minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital. No one else was injured.

Incidentally, this "food truck" crash is the third of its kind this week alone. In New Hampshire, a truck carrying 220 gallons of maple syrup from Vermont leaked from a freight truck, spilling its contents onto the highway and requiring local police to get creative with absorbent materials. Later in the week, yet another truck spilled 46,000 pounds of yogurt onto Interstate 65.