San Francisco Brewer Makes Girl Scout Cookie Beer, Makes All Our Dreams Come True

Officially the best beer of the year — well done, sir
The Girl Scout Cookie beer lineup, what?!

Cervecería de MateVeza

A line of Girl Scout cookie beers?!

Cervecería de MateVeza

If there was an award for the best beer, like, in the history of the world, we'd award it to San Francisco newcomer brewer Cervecería de MateVeza for brewing a line of Girl Scout cookie beers. That's it, other craft brewers — you can't really top that. 

Now, not to totally burst your bubble, but none of the cookie beers were actually brewed with real cookies (after all, why waste your precious resources?). But that doesn't mean we're not totally obsessed with that lineup: peppermint porter, peanut butter cream ale, shortbread golden ale, salted chocolate stout with peanut butter, and a Belgian dubbel with coconut and cocoa nib. And they're being served with their respective cookie pairing: Thin Mints, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Peanut Butter Patties, and Samoas. It's just about as brilliant as the cocktail and Twinkie pairings when everyone feared running out of Twinkies. 

Of course, Cervecería de MateVeza has a limited supply of Girl Scout cookie beer, and last we heard they still had some from a tasting on Friday. If you miss it, you can still get the brewery's acclaimed Yerba Matte IPA, the Morpho Ale, and the Black Lager.

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