Protesters in Portland Arrested After Throwing Cans of Pepsi at Police

Protests turned into violent riots on May Day anti-Trump protests in Oregon, and ironically Pepsi hindered the situation

A man attempts to hand police a Pepsi at a similar protest in Berkeley. 

May Day protests in Portland, Oregon turned violent this week. The pro-labor, anti-Trump demonstration culminated in fiery riots that led to dozens of arrests, including those of people who threw full cans of Pepsi at police officers in full riot gear and at medics on the scene. Portland police confirmed that no officers or medics were injured during the attacks.

An earlier attempt to hand police officers cans of Pepsi didn’t exactly go over well:

The attempt was of course a reference to the controversial TV commercial that featured reality show star and model Kendall Jenner handing Pepsi to cops during a protest to quell the tension between demonstrators and police officers. Pepsi pulled the ad earlier this month after cries of outrage over social media that the commercial’s message was tone-deaf.

This isn’t the first time that demonstrators have attempted to use the Pepsi ad to gain attention of lawmakers and enforcers:


According to Oregon Public Broadcasting, a man approached Portland mayor Ted Wheeler with a can of the soft drink at a city council meeting earlier this month. The mayor was “visibly embarrassed” at the gesture and seemed surprise at his constituents’ anger concerning police violence.