Mountain Dew Thinks It Is Whiskey, Comes Out with Classy ‘Mtn Dew Black Label’

Mountain Dew Black Label is made with real sugar and herbal bitters and rides on the trend of craft sodas

Do the Dew: Preferably on your private yacht.

The neon-green luminescent soda of your childhood is getting a seriously adult upgrade. Mountain Dew  announced the release of its new craft soda, Mtn Dew Black Label.Although the product sounds like it should contain alcohol, alas, it’s actually just a classy, handcrafted soda made with real sugar and “crafted with dark berry flavor and herbal bitters.”

PepsiCo is marketing the product toward beverage enthusiasts who “want to unwind – but with a touch of class.”

Students are getting a taste of this brand new high-end Mountain Dew first: Black Label will appear on 600 college campuses this fall around the country, with a national release planned for 2016. The suggested retail price for each 16-ounce can is $1.99. It also comes with a brand new slogan: Boldly Refined.


If this foray into fancier fizzes sounds familiar, that’s because Mountain Dew already has a craft soda. DewShine, also made with real sugar, was released this spring, “inspired by Dew's homebrewed mountain roots.”