Brews For Rufus: This Indianapolis Brewery Is Making Beer For Dogs

Have you ever wondered if your dog is jealous when you grab a cold one from the fridge, or a pint from your favorite pub? In Indianapolis, your canine need not be thirsty anymore.Flat12 Bierworks has developed a nonalcoholic beer for dogs with no carbonation. It premiered Friday at the brewery's pet adoption and supply drive.

"I think every employee here owns a dog," the brewery's marketing director Valerie Green told the local NBC syndicate. "We are all very dog-friendly."

So what exactly is canine beer made from? According to the brewers, the beer is made from meat bones and trimmings. From there, they make a stock with wort, the liquid extracted from the mashing process when brewing actual beer, and blend it together in the keg. They said they already have plenty of regulars with full glasses and wagging tails.