7-Eleven Is Letting You Fill (Almost) Any At-Home Container with Slurpees for $1.49

On April 11, bring any container from home and fill it with as much frozen 7-Eleven goodness as you can for $1.49
7-Eleven Is Letting You Fill (Almost) Any At-Home Container with Slurpees for $1.49

Get creative! Bring in a mug, an empty soda bottle, or even a giant plastic garbage bag! 

Forget free Slurpee day: 7-Eleven has unveiled the king of all frozen concoction deals. On April 11, all participating stores will allow customers to bring a container from home and fill it up with Slurpees, all for just $1.49. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out this Saturday for some seriously creative definitions of containers. Most people will probably bring in a thermos or a mug, but we can imagine diehard Slurpee fans lugging in gallon jugs and industrial kitchen-sized pots.

There are some rules, however. 7-Eleven requires that all containers be sanitary, non-porous, and not comically large (that means lugging garbage cans to your corner 7-Eleven won’t fly). The cups must also be water-tight vessels that are 10 inches in diameter. There goes our dream of bringing home giant garbage bags full of Slurpees! But even if you follow these restrictions, you’ll still come away with a frozen sugary concoction that’s roughly three times the size of a normal Slurpee. That’s a lot of bang for your $1.49!

For those who want to get a laugh on social media, we suggest you bring in unusual receptacles like tea kettles, vases, trophies, bike helmets… the list goes on. Tweet your Slurpee container with #BYOCupDay.

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