Doritos Jacked Mystery Flavors and Winner Revealed!


Are you ready for some bold Spicy Street Taco Doritos?

The mystery behind the brand-new Doritos Jacked flavors has finally been revealed. After months of sitting on the shelves completely unlabeled, and after thousands of Doritos fans voted for their favorite new flavor combination, the three new Doritos varieties have been revealed as Spicy Street Taco (red bag), Chocolate Chipotle Bacon (blue bag) and Caribbean Citrus Jerk (orange bag). The winner was Spicy Street Taco, and will be brought back to store shelves as the official Doritos Jacked flavor for the fall.

Here at The Daily Meal, we also loved the red bag, which offered a satisfying blend of savory spiciness and kicked-up flavor. According to Doritos, Spicy Street Taco combines sriracha sauce, savory taco spices and sour cream. Doritos Jacked, in case you were wondering, are 40 percent larger and thicker than the normal orange-dusted snack food, and will be available later this year.

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