Taste-Testing DIY DiGiorno Pizza And More Products

The Daily Meal is bringing you weekly round ups of the best new food and drink products on the market. From unusual snacks and drinks to new flavors of your favorite products, we've got you covered so you don't have to scour the Internet or the shelves of your local grocery store to find out what's new.

The Skinny Girl brand isn't just about margaritas and cosmos anymore. Now you can be a "skinny girl" at snack time, too, with the new Skinny Girl Popcorn, flavored with lime and salt, at an unbelievable 25 calories per cup of popped corn (160 calories if you eat the whole thing).

If you can't help but cheat on your diet with French fries, at least make your snack healthier by eating Veggie Fries, the gluten-free treat that's made with vegetables and seasonings like carrot, broccoli, chick pea and red pepper, and Tuscan bean and herb.

DiGiorno is upping their frozen pizza game by introducing the first-ever customizable frozen pizzas, DiGiorno Design a Pizza. Each pizza kit comes with various toppings, and customers can get creative by making their pizza half-veggie, half-meat or even make a design in the pizza.

Get out of your skillet rut by adding one of Campbell's new line of skillet sauces to your skillet dishes. The latest is a Bacon-Cheddar Beef Skillet Sauce that you can pour over pasta or rice to make dinner a little more interesting.

Cook just like they do at Frontera Grill (well, sort of), with Frontera's Salsas from Rick Bayless, available in new flavors like guacamole mix and chipotle salsa. Made in small batches, each flavor celebrates a different kind of chile.

Kettle Brand is known for their chips, but the brand is now expanding to another snacking frontier: popcorn. Kettle Brand Popcorn is available in five different flavors: sea salt, salt and pepper, maple bacon, Sriracha, and white cheddar.

Take the taste of summer camp with you with Treat House Customizable Camp Crisped Rice Treats. These camp-themed treats celebrate the summer kids' getaway available in flavors like sugar cookie, M&M, and cotton candy, and they can be screen-printed with your camp's logo.

Love gummy worms or bears, but worried about your allergies? Vermont Nut-Free has released a new line of gummy candies that are completely peanut and tree nut-free, and are available in gummy bears, sour bears, and berry gum drops.

Here's a new way to snack healthy: Veggie Patch Moroccan Red Lentil Cakes are made from 70 percent vegetables, and feature a blend of red lentils, carrots and spices. 

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