Khloé Kardashian Shares Monkey Bread Recipe

Kardashian diehards and baking enthusiasts can now have a piece of the Kardashian-Jenner Thanksgiving in their own kitchen. Khloé Kardashian has shared a video on her website, where she takes viewers "behind the scenes of Koko's Kitchen," and shows exactly how to make this "mouth-watering monkey bread."

In the video Kardashian says, "I want to be a chef but I'm only a fat girl chef, like I only like to make fat, comfort food. I'm not like, a healthy chef person." For the recipe Kardashian takes store-bought biscuit dough, cuts it into chunks and rolls the chunks in cinnamon sugar. She says, "I'm sure you can make your own biscuits but I don't have enough time for that."

Kardashian douses the dough with a margarine and brown sugar mixture, placing the dough into a Bundt pan and into the oven. After baking, the dessert is flipped onto a cake plate so that the sugar can trickle downwards as the desert cools. Around 10 minutes later, the Bundt pan is lifted and the monkey bread is ready to eat.