Deep-Fried Sriracha Bites: Why Hadn’t We Thought of This Before?

OhBiteIt came up with this super-simple recipe for deep-fried sriracha bites. It’s the little things in life, really

Deep-fried cornbread + sriracha = heaven.

We have to admit: we were starting to get pretty tired of the sriracha craze. You know a sauce has jumped the shark when fast food pizza chains start using it ad nauseam on their pies. But boy were we wrong. A blogger from OhBiteIt came up with a sriracha recipe so simple that we can’t believe we hadn’t thought of it before:  deep-fried sriracha bites.

Lovingly nicknamed sriracha nuggets by OhBiteIt blogger Amy, these spicy fried bits are made with only an egg, cornbread, sriracha, vegetable oil, butter, and oil for frying. Just mix up all of the ingredients, scoop your sriracha/cornbread drops into the oil, and flash-fry with some butter. Amy also suggests using blue cheese dressing for dipping. That’s it. The key here is to keep the oil temperature at a firm 350 degrees, or else the bites will be too mushy.


The way we see it, deep-fried sriracha is possible, so there is a hot sauce God. You can also try the Texan version of this treat at the Texas State Fair