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Alton Brown's Ultimate Hack for Juicing a Watermelon

The food personality shares his quick and easy juice trick

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Enjoy watermelon juice the Alton Brown way during warm, summer days.

If you’re looking for the best way to juice a watermelon, look no further — Alton Brown has revealed his ultimate hack to getting the most out of the fruit and it takes less than one minute.

Recently, Brown uploaded his video tutorial to YouTube to show fans “how Alton Brown sticks it to a watermelon” using kitchen basics: a biscuit cutter, immersion blender, knife, and measuring cup.

First, Brown uses a three-inch biscuit cutter to create a hole at the bottom of the fruit and traces the hole with a knife to remove a piece of the watermelon. Then, he puts the immersion blender in the watermelon to blend the inside of the fruit. After the fruit is well-blended, he pours the juice into the measuring cup and the juice is ready to enjoy.

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