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Alton Brown Masters Indoor Chicken Grilling With a Kettlebell

Alton Brown puts the fitness equipment to good use

Peter Cripps / Shutterstock

Brown butterflies the chicken before grilling for an even cook.

If you’re craving grilled chicken to go with that fresh watermelon juice, Alton Brown has another hack for you: The TV food star took to Instagram to show how to grill chicken “under a brick” — sans brick.

In the video, Brown opens up an indoor electric grill to cook chicken, but rather than closing the grill and playing the waiting game, he adds a 15-pound kettlebell on top to get a firm press.

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“I don't need no stinkin' brick,” Brown wrote in the caption, referring to the common practice of cooking chicken under weight to grill more evenly, resulting in nice and crispy chicken skin.

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