This Coffee Company Uses Whiskey Instead of Water

Fliquor Bean makes cold-pressed coffee with 90-proof whiskey instead of making it with water
This Coffee Company Uses Whiskey Instead of Water

Now that’s certainly a different way to wake up in the morning.

The Fliquor Bean coffee start-up company has come up with a unique way of improving coffee liquor: by starting with regular (and top-notch) coffee beans, and simply adding whiskey instead of water.

Here are the specs: The coffee is steeped for 10-12 hours in 90-proof whiskey, and after much tasting and testing, DeFazio settled on Stumptown’s Hairbender roast along with Bowen’s whiskey based in Bakersfield, Calif.

Company founder Jerry DeFazio told Sprudge that the product is best served directly over ice, but can be added with syrups to mask (or enhance) the taste of the alcohol. On Twitter, DeFazio has cheekily described his whiskey/coffee hybrid as “a magical cure for writer’s block, and well-suited for picnics, Irish funerals, and simply drinking alone.”

Fliquor Bean, based out of Los Angeles, has a relatively blank website that says that the product will be coming soon; the company is waiting for federal approval to sell its boozy product. 

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