This Clown Nose Will Help Your Food Taste Better

This Clown Nose Will Help Your Food Taste Better

Fact: our canine friends have a sense of smell that is about one million times stronger than the average human’s. And we know how our senses of smell and taste are intrinsically connected. So with the Olfactic Dog Nose from the Lick Me I’m Delicious British food inventors, you can look like a (goth) clown, while having the perfect sense of smell of a dog (well, almost). The “nose” is “soaked in warm water and worn for 10 minutes prior to eating, moistening your nasal cavity and vastly improving your sense of smell and flavor.” It’s basically a nasal douche that will automatically make your food taste better.

It sounds slightly sketchy, but this latest wacky invention is from Charlie Harry Francis, (the British Willy Wonka of the gourmet food world, who brought us glow-in-the-dark ice cream, the soup washing machine, and edible mist), and supposedly works.

“Without this, a strawberry just tastes sweet, it doesn't taste of strawberry,” Francis told The Daily Meal. “In the same way as our eyes don't work well in the dark, our nose doesn't work well if it's dry. The Olfactic Dog Nose works by introducing a warm moist buffer between your nasal cavity and the outside air, which moistens the mucous membranes in your nose allowing them dislodge any irritants and making them better able to dissolve odorants into your mucus lining so they can be detected by your olfactory receptors.”

The contraption is part of Francis’ Human Cookbook movement, which teaches us how to better experience food through small exercises like sensory deprivation and eating after a long run.  

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