China is Growing Creepy Baby-Shaped Pears

China is Growing Creepy Baby-Shaped Pears
China is Growing Creepy Baby-Shaped Pears
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Maybe they’re props for a new Children of the Corn movie?

Fruit molds are nothing new. But there are cute and whimsical square or heart-shaped watermelon molds, and there are fruit molds that are designed to give you nightmares. Meet the newest and quirkiest trend in Chinese farming: baby pears. Using a similar plastic mold that’s used to grow square watermelon, farmers are growing pears that look like peacefully-napping babies or small Buddhas and selling them as novelty items in supermarkets.

The gag was created by Fruit Mould, a website that also brought you the weirdly-shaped watermelon and the peaches wearing underwear. How does it work? According to the website, the molds are fitted around growing fruits and vegetables, so that once they are ripe, they resemble small, fruity cherubs, or whichever shape your quirky salad-making heat desires. As for the plant getting enough water and oxygen? There are two holes at the bottom and top of the plastic mold, so your pear babies will surely taste delicious.

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