Chef Spins Biggie Smalls Song Into Food Rap

It's been months since a notable food rap has hit the Internet. Luckily, Food Hackathon happened, and of course a raw food chef for Airbnb, Sam Lippman, decided to spit out a couple verses of Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy."

Since this is about food, however, there are a couple of modifications. "Every Saturday farmers' market, pack my bags like a ball, got the cake box 'cause my cake's hot; poppy seeds bagels cream cheese and lox," goes one verse. And "share love it's the Brooklyn way" gets turned into "foie gras it's the French chef way."

Turns out, Lippman was not only pitching a new line of clothing for chefs, but also a maker of parody raps and puns. Makes sense.

Watch the video below (although the quality could use some improvement). It's a pretty killer rendition of the classic rap, and despite our undying love for "Hot Cheetos and Takis," someone should probably get Lippman some studio time, stat.