Cheese-Stuffed Doritos Are Now a Thing

7-Eleven now carries Doritos Loaded, basically deep-fried Doritos bites stuffed with cheese

Would you ever have a craving for a cheesy Dorito?

Lately it seems like the fast food industry is perpetually trying to outdo itself when it comes to over-the-top heart attacks on a plate, from the return of the KFC DoubleDown, to Taco Bell’s introduction of the Waffle Taco. Well, 7-Eleven has some news for you. The convenience store will now be selling Doritos Loaded — deep-fried Doritos-encrusted bites with a nacho-cheesy center.

The fried nacho cheese treat resembles a chicken nugget on steroids, and has been called everything on social media from a “cheese-stuffed stroke” and “an unholy snack food alliance,” to “heaven in your face.”

In anticipation of this massive response from ever-hungry teenagers and intoxicated 20-somethings, Doritos Loaded is hitting the road with the Doritos Loaded Tour, which stopped in Dallas first this week, and is moving on to Los Angeles to give out free samples of this new “nom”-strosity.  If you miss the tour, don’t worry: 7-Elevens all over the country are starting to carry this cheesy creation.

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