'Carrie' Telekinesis Trick Scares Coffee Shop Customers

Somewhere in Manhattan's West Village a coffee shop decided to terrorize its customers this Halloween season by pranking them with a very Carrie-like scene: One man accidentally spills coffee on a girl, barely apologizes, and said girl freaks out, in a magic, telekinesis, books-falling-off-shelves sort of way.

The process, and resulting customers' reactions, are recorded on this video that has been going viral. Turns out, the man is a stuntman, roped to the wall. The tables and chairs are all remote-controlled, as are the books and artwork on the wall. The only shots supposedly not completely faked (although The Blaze has some questions) are the reaction shots. One woman, smartly, starts taking videos. The construction man with a pole (?) simply gawks. Another woman lets out a series of screams, while plenty dart away from the action. We're not judging; if it were us, we'd be flipping out, too.

Watch the process below. It might just be a marketing gimmick for the new Carrie movie, but it's just enough surprise to get you in the Halloween mood.