Burger King’s Chicken Fries Are Back!

The popular Burger King chicken fries that were taken off the menu in 2012 are now back due to popular demand
Burger King’s Chicken Fries Are Back!

You can breathe a sigh of relief. Your skinny, fry-shaped chicken tenders are safe.

You know that Zac Brown Band song, Chicken-Fried? Yeah, we think they were actually saying, “I like my chicken fries, cold beer on a Friday night,” because it seems like everyone loves the Burger King chicken fries. The popular skinny chicken tenders, or French-fry shaped-chicken, were taken off the Burger King menu in 2012, much to the dismay of fans everywhere. But now they’re back, according to Burger King, due to endless Change.org petitions, and social media protests to get chicken fries back on the Burger King menu.

“Our fans have spoken and we had to listen,” said Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer of Burger King. “When you have guests who are this passionate about a product, you have to give them what they want.”

The fries are made with white meat chicken, battered and seasoned with spices, and can be dipped into any number of Burger King’s sauces like ranch, buffalo, or sweet and sour.

Plus if you’re really serious about your chicken fries, you can get celebratory gear on eBay like commemorative hats, mugs, t-shirts, and bumper stickers.

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