bj's vodka review
Courtesy of BJ's

BJ’s New Private-Label Vodka Makes the Perfect Bloody Mary

And it's affordable
bj's vodka review
Courtesy of BJ's

BJ’s Wholesale Club, which sells bulk items just like Sam’s Club and Costco, recently launched an exclusive line of spirits under its private label, Wellsley Farms. The new collection features three liquors — American vodka, Canadian whiskey and Irish whiskey — all available by the handle for less than $30. But are they good?

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Thanks to our friends at BJ’s, The Daily Meal was able to taste the vodka. It’s corn-based (as opposed to wheat or potato), gluten free and six-times distilled. The design looks eerily similar to Tito’s at a fraction of the cost. Prices vary by location, but BJ’s sells its 1.75-liter bottle for just $18.99. Tito’s hovers around $30.

At a small get-together, our taste-tester made several vodka-based drinks using club soda, tonic water and strawberry banana juice. With budget-friendly liquors, you sometimes get this nail polish remover-type burn in the aftertaste that could start a house fire should you breathe on a match, but there was no sign of booze on the palate — and partygoers agreed.

“I know there’s a lot of alcohol in here, but I can’t taste it,” one guest said. Touché. 

bj's vodka review

The Daily Meal/Taylor Rock

The next morning (OK, mid-afternoon), our subject nursed a hangover with two bloody marys built with BJ’s vodka, a premade mix from Union Market (a boutique grocery store local to New York City) and a toothpick spear of olives. As suspected, it was tres magnifique. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Encore.

If you want to try BJ’s vodka for yourself, you can get it at select clubs now. Same thing goes for the Canadian whiskey ($20.99), Irish whiskey ($27.99) and previously launched exclusive line of wines from around the world: prosecco, sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, malbec and cabernet sauvignon.


Members in North Carolina, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, Virginia and Florida can get Wellsley Farms wines and spirits delivered to their door with BJ’s same-day delivery. Looks like this holiday is going to be a boozy one, but please drink responsibly. Keeping drunk shenanigans under watch is just one secret to becoming the best holiday party guest ever.