Ben & Jerry's Releases Cookie Butter Core Ice Creams

Last week, the real Ben and Jerry hinted via their Reddit AMA that new Core Ben & Jerry's flavors would drop soon. And the ice cream kings certainly delivered, in the form of the three newest Core ice creams added to the Ben & Jerry's lineup: ice cream with cookie butter cores. Even the pint names themselves pack a sweet wallop: Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core, Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core and Peanut Buttah Cookie Core (too cool for the "er" ending, clearly).

The core flavors, much like their "That's My Jam" and "Hazed and Confused" predecessors, contain a "core" of deliciousness (like jam, hazelnut fudge, or peanut butter) running through the center of the ice cream. These new cores, meanwhile, are each made with cookies and cookie butter. To reiterate: cookie butter ice cream is here to throw us all off of our quickly withering New Year's diets.

Speculoos Cookie Core ice cream is dark caramel and vanilla ice cream with speculoos cookies and cookie butter core; Peanut Buttah Cookie Core is peanut butter ice cream with crunchy peanut butter sugar bits, peanut butter cookies, and a peanut butter cookie core; and Boom Chocolatta! contains mocha and caramel ice creams with chocolate cookies, fudge flakes, and a chocolate cookie core.

"These are cookies you'll want to spoon!" Ben & Jerry's CEO Jostein Solheim writes in a press release. We couldn't agree more.