Barista Invents Marijuana-Infused Bulletproof Coffee

The infamous bulletproof coffee recipe, which adds MCT oil and butter to a normal morning cup of java, has gotten a budding upgrade. A barista in Seattle has invented a new type of bulletproof coffee which uses marijuana-infused butter. Now you can get this cannabis concoction at Trichome, a marijuana enthusiast shop. In Seattle, where recreational marijuana is legal, this new and improved bulletproof coffee could spark an interesting trend.

From a first-hand account on Sprudge, the coffee, made with a Kenyan pour-over brew, is described as having "all the benefits of having just smoked some weed while still feeling awake and focused." Although there is supposedly no immediate taste of marijuana upon first sipping the oily brew, the anonymous blogger said that he was "feeling it" after 20 minutes of consumption.

The invention is a bulletproof version of what is colloquially known as the "Northwest Speedball," or the effects of coffee combined with marijuana.

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter@JoannaFantozzi