App Helps Restaurants Feed the Hungry with Leftover Food


Right now, the app is only available for Chicago-area restaurants and non-profits.

With millions of needy people worldwide, it’s hard to imagine that one-third of our food goes to waste every day. But the Zero Percent app is here to help turn that number around. Zero Percent is an app that acts as a middle man between restaurants and non-profit organizations that feed the hungry, allowing restaurants to donate their surplus food to nearby needy folks.

Zero Percent right now only operates on Chicago, but the impact of their efforts could be felt nationwide. Zero Percent works with hundreds of “food donors” (restaurants and cafes) and food recipients around Chicago: collected food is picked up on-location, inspected according to FDA regulations, and sold to local shelters and pantries for 30 cents a pound, and a choice of whatever has been picked up that day. Businesses that donate can write off the donations on their tax returns, which offers a monetary incentive as well as a charitable one.

Plus, since food is picked up and delivered immediately, perishables are allowed, and even encouraged. On average, the company will pick up and deliver 1,500 pounds of food daily that might otherwise be discarded.


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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi